Meet the Winners from Modak Maker's Studio

A summer program that made teenage creators’ dreams a reality.

June 10 - September 6

The $5000 Winners!


The app made by Gen Z for Gen Z where investing research is quick and simple. Read more about them in the following links:

The $2500 Winners!

Biscuit Beacon

Biscuit Beacon helps dog walkers find treat jars, water bowls, bag dispensers, trash bins, and other public resources in your area. The app is free and driven by community contribution, so anyone can make changes to update the resource map, whether a treat jar has become empty or there's a new water bowl on the block! Contributors are rewarded with unique profile customization, and eventually physical prizes.

Join our app waitlist here to be the first to download the beta when it comes out this September 2022! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get quick updates about the app and our team, or learn more about the app.

Thank you for helping us create better walking experiences for you and all dog owners around the world!

The $1000 Winners!


The Workplace-Themed Party Game You Definitely Shouldn't Play at Work.

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